Lund Cadillac in Phoenix, Arizona - Unsafe vehicle


These morons sold me a car that was leaking gasoline out of the tank. It's a wonder it did not explode.

All in all the repairs needed to my low mileage vehicle exceeded $2800.

Avoid these crooks at all cost. Avoid Lund Cadiallac.Avoid Lund Cadiallac.Avoid Lund Cadiallac.Avoid Lund Cadiallac.Avoid Lund Cadiallac.Avoid Lund Cadiallac.Avoid Lund Cadiallac.Avoid Lund Cadiallac.Avoid Lund Cadiallac.Avoid Lund Cadiallac.Avoid Lund Cadiallac.Avoid Lund Cadiallac.Avoid Lund Cadiallac.Avoid Lund Cadiallac.Avoid Lund Cadiallac.Avoid Lund Cadiallac.Avoid Lund Cadiallac.Avoid Lund Cadiallac.Avoid Lund Cadiallac.Avoid Lund Cadiallac.

Monetary Loss: $2800.

Lund Cadillac in Ames, Iowa - Advertised false price

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Lund Cadillac advertised a car for under $6000 on It was a 2005 Cadillac DeVille and there was a picture.

When I called to enquire about the car the first time, the salesman said it did not exist. When I checked back with another salesperson, he said it was in the "reconditioning" department and the price was $8000 higher than the ad. The salesman was rude and did not deny that they had changed the selling price. He became belligerant and ended the online chat.

I think his name was Williams.

It is obvious they purposefully misrepresented the price and then LIED about it. I would NEVER do business with them.

Lund Cadillac in Long Beach, California - Quality service issue


Lund Cadillac Company

1311 East Bell Road

Phoenix As 85022

Attn: Vern Futz

Dear Mr. Futz, I have purchased five vehicles from Lund and felt all of them were a satisfactory purchase.

I enjoy your staff especially Frank, in your sales staff who has worked with us from the start.

I have a concern with my last purchase, a 06 Exclade EXT Truck. We purchased it with around 12,000 miles and just turned 30,000. We had a starter hang up and had to have it towed back to you to replace a starter and a Battery. No big deal just a little inconvenient

Next up was a rubbing sound that turned out to be both differentials. A little more inconvenient about a week, had to take a rental car to Vegas, I know Poor Baby.

Now the EXT sounds like it is breaking apart, popping cracking noise when you turn in to a Parking Space.

I was told by your service department the body bushings are worn out. They can't be changed, but for $700.00 they can install a plastic spacer that will work for awhile.

When I asked why this vehicle is falling apart I was told, "Well it is Old".

I think it is a Top of the Line Automobile. In some peoples world 50 or 60 Thousand dollar vehicles are considered Top of the Line. I think it should last a bit longer.

In my life I have owned more than my share of Automobiles. Never have I lost or had to replace differentials at 25,000 miles. Never Have I had a vehicle that sounds like breaking metal when I try to park it. Most of all I have never considered a low mileage car, even at pushing 5 years "an Old Car" worthy of all this self destruction.

I don't think it has been properly diagnosed for the defect since the body is not swaying when I attempt to park or pull out on the road.

I would like you to consider taking a look at it with a fresh approach. Perhaps you missed something. Doctors do it all the time, saying you have something you really don't.

If indeed she is a Junker, I will be happy to paint her a Bright Yellow and give you plenty of free advertisement. (:

Hope to hear from you soon.


David T. Cornwall

1050 N Portland Ave

Gilbert Az 85234

Work 480-220-6289

Lund Cadillac- Frame Damage not disclosed

Not resolved

We purchased a 2007 Cadillac CTS on Sept. 21, 2009,as a second owner. January 17,2011 we took the vehicle to trade it in. We were told the vehicle has major frame damage and is only worth a salvage price of 10K. And the car is not safe to drive. The vehicle had been in a major accident at some point in time and was never reported.The bumper at the supports had been cut off at the frame and welded back on. So in the event of a rear end collision there is nothing there to absorb the impact. Only inches from the gas tank,this is now a "life" threating issue. Lund Cadillac has been contacted numerous times & refuses to acknowledge their responsibility to correct this issue. They did however offer to take it in as a trade. To pass it on to another consumer! Buyers Beware!! This car was also a loaner never registered or licensed with AZ.

They also reported the sale of the car to us later than what the actual date of sale. Running a vehicle history report the rear differential & front hub was replaced 200 miles of us purchasing the car- which also was never disclosed.

The Attorney General's office, 3 on your side, and the BBB has been notified.

We are currently waiting for responses-

Becareful of what you buy, never judge the book by its cover- Lund Cadillac's reported "136" point inspections and show room quality used cars is all a line of pooh.



I have a GM report showing that they (Lund Cadillac/ Legends) bought the vehicle back from their regular customer while it was at a repair shop in Yuma... then they applied to GM customer assistance against that vehicle...Hence customer satisfaction- I have word in the past for GM dealerships at almost every level in the dealership...

they clearly new about the issue.

This isn't the first time that Lund Cadillac has done this. Not only that they buy salvage vehicles from the Las Vegas Auto Auction...


Your carfax report may not have received the information at the time the previous owner traded in the vehicle. It sounds like the previous owners tried to trade in the car BEFORE the information was reported to Carfax.

The Dealer may NOT have known.

With the replacement parts 200 miles within your purchase, that's a very likely scenario. I see it all the time when people trade in their cars and there is a report on the CARFAX, they purchased the vehicle right after an accident and the information is always a little behind in reporting.

Sha Tin, Hong Kong, Hong Kong #309354

Your not the first one. My sister had the same thing on a 2005 caddy.

Never told either. I bought cars from Lund for over 15 yrs. They were great.

But when the son took over it sure changed. Haven't bought from them since.


actually did- went to 2 other dealers and they found the same damage- we had the vehicle towed- and they too were able to find the damage without us pointing it out.


did you get a second opinion? the new car dealer could just be trying to undervalue your trade in.

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Lund Cadillac in Miami, Florida - You are thieves

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Not resolved

I took my vehicle to Schumacher saab in West Palm Beach to got a quote on a service and check out an engine issue that I was having.

I want a computer tested to know the codes.

They ended up running, less than 30' all the tests and charged me an arm and a leg for nothing.

They told me that they'll charge 50$ for 30' or more than a 100$,i saw that the tech was only 20' in my car and they charge me 112$.

Moreover, they give the codes and when i asked for who means each code, they told me that they didn't know, i said, but this saab dealer right?

Monetary Loss: $112.


Bow, Washington, United States #10859
your english is horrible. maybe they didn't understand a word of what you said, I can't! :sigh

Lund Cadillac is a Horrible Rip Off


I took my vehicle to Lund explaining to them all of the work and tests i had previousley done to it. Then i told them to give me a quote on a service and check out an engine issue that I was having.

I said I Have already has it computer tested but the codes dont show up please manually check out the issue. They ended up running all the same tests the other place did and charged me an arm and a leg for doing absolutley no work then instead of giving me a quote for replaceing gaskets they charged me a bunch of money to test them for leaks. They took me for a few hundred dollars to tell me there was nothing wrong with my car......


Monetary Loss: $240.



You both should have your computers taken away! From brand-A to brand-Z service work is never free, expecting anyone to check a car for repair needs without paying them is unfair.


People swap interiors all the time. its reasonable to do now-a-days and some aftermarket companies have better materials available than the factory offers.

I called this Cadillac dealer to talk about
an 07 STS V. Originally the car was Black with
Black and Tango interior. The Sales person told me that the Owner was unhappy with this interior so he had it changed to an all black with a V logo on the headrest. This black and tango interior is one of the most desirable combo particularly with a black exterior. If you go the there web site the photos are very misleading as to the color combo. It is hard
to understand this on the part of the Owner
of the dealership. Nine out Ten Black STS V
come with black interior. I can believe that
this above customer is correct concerning his
complaint, if you think about what I have just posted. Paul the salesman seemed to be
honest on the phone. Although this fairly
far feached tail. :?

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